August 3-5, 2022

Poly World Trade Center, Guangzhou, China

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AQUATECH was established in 1964 as a global pioneer in water treatment tradeshows for water processing, drinking water, and waste water. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, AQUATECH holds exhibitions throughout Europe, Mexico, North America, and China. Through its vast network and worldwide operations, the tradeshow has seen impressive growth around the world, and now occupies the leading global position in the water industry.
After10 years of business in China, AQUATECH CHINA continues to help the Chinese water industry address current water requirements and challenges, including: water and waste water treatment, water purification, membrane technology, water chemicals, along with process control technology and process automation, etc. The event platform has extended to other environmental fields, including : pump and valve, solid waste and waste gas treatment, air purification and ventilation, and green building accessories and equipment. It provides exceptional technological leadership to the municipal, industrial, residential, commercial and agricultural fields, and supports customers with excellent environmental service and sustainable solutions as a complete environmental B2B platform.
With a constant growth in scale, improvement in quality and influence, the whole environmental platform WieTec China((Week for International Environmental Technologies China)has now become a well-known brand in the environmental industry around the world. It offers a large official platform for global environmental professionals to exchange knowledge and solutions during the three days filled with business and opportunities.
220,000㎡ scale size   3400+exhibitors   120,000+visitors
WieTec is dedicated to offering leading-edge technologies and solutions for global environmental industry players, buyers, end-users and professionals in China and the whole world.

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