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Zhejiang Jiacheng New Material Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Jiacheng New Material Co., Ltd. (Later named SJK Corporation) was founded in 1994. It focuses on manufacturing professional rubber seal products, and providing seal technology application solutions over 20 years. The concept of SJK are keeping initiative and pragmatic spirit, maintaining the stability of product quality, and keeping constant pursuit. 


As an enterprise who combines R&D, manufacturing, and marketing into one modern enterprise, SJK has professional experimental facilities, more than 100 advanced production and checkout equipments, and modern ERP management system, so it can achieve timely quotation, strict production, quality assurance, punctual delivery, and sincere aftermath. 


SJK’ s main products are O ring, ED ring, rubber gasket, rubber cord, and other standard seal products, as well as customized products. Meanwhile, SJK provides professional solutions of raw materials* application, development, and sales.For more info, please visit our website, www.hnjcrb.com





Customized Products:1 .Suit for many kinds of seal form2. Suit for many kinds of activity mode3. Suit for many different sealing media4. Simple design, compact structure, convenient assembly and disassembly5. Small running frictionExecutive standard: GB/T 3452.1-2005 AS568 BS1516Work pressure: 0-100MpaOperation temperature: -50℃ ~ 260℃Materials: fluorine rubber, NBR, EPDM, three hydrogenated nitrile rubber, kalrez, PTFE 





As one of the industrial seals, ED ring has better seal performance thantraditional O rings when they are used in kinds of joints, since it is a specialseal. These elastomeric seals are used as axial static seals at threaded oiloutlets and screw ends. No deformationMaterial: 85 Shore A NBR, 80 Shore A FKMStandard: DIN 3869, 17 standard sizes in totalSealing form: End faceWork pressure: maximum 60MPa 



Oil seal


Skeleton oil seal, widely used in aviation, automobile, motorcycle, railway.vehicle, ship, home appliances, engineering machinery and other industries.It suits for rotary movement and reciprocating movement seal.Features:1. Excellent wear and oil resistance2. Excellent chemical resistanceMaterial: FKM, NBROperating temperature: -35℃ ~ 250℃

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