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Iknow Valve Wenzhou Co., Ltd.

Iknow Valve Wenzhou Co., Ltd. is a professional pneumatic valve supplier which integrates scientific research and development design consultation together with valve production and sale. It has devoted itself to the production and sale of pneumatic actuators since it was founded in 2006 as an appointed agency server of U.S aero2 pneumatic actuators. In the course of our development over the past 20 years, IKNOW has specialized, focused and unremittingly built the pneumatic valve brand. The company has pioneered in introducing advanced technology from abroad and has been committed to maintaining its leadership in the development of fluid control technology. We deeply understand the engineering needs of our customers. With the continuousefforts of our technicians, IKNOW Valve Wenzhou Co., Ltd. developed a series of linear motion pneumatic actuators in 2014 which filled the market gap in linear motion valve pneumatic actuators such as the gate valves and stop valves, etc. We have established close cooperation with more customers through our professional technologies and services. In 2017, we passed the IS09001 quality system certification and in the same year our full series of pneumatic actuator products obtained the international SIL3 safety certification. In 2018, we introduced a number ofactuators development teams with abundant technical experiences . After several months of research and development we redesigned and modified the internal structure and appearance of the old type AW yoke pneumatic actuators in the market. We independently developed a full set of new ING series yoke-type pneumatic actuators which has a smaller size, more stable operation and a more beautiful appearance. IKNOW has paid off through continuous reform and innovation, using its own resources and expertise to provide customers with personalized, comprehensive, one-stop fluid control solutions. In recent years IKNOW Valve Wenzhou Co., Ltd. has made a great leap in its business through a series of initiatives such as business transformation, technology upgrading, strengthening equipment, talent introduction and as well o$ won the unanimous acknowledgment of customers and society. The company developed a series of new products which received many government awards. In 2016-2017, more than 10 kinds of products on soleall obtained the utility new model patent certificate. In May, 2017 it was named as the first batch of science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province. In 2018 it was named as high-growth science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang province. IKNOW Valve Wenzhou Co., Ltd. is not satisfied with its present situation. In order to make itself an internationally advanced pneumatic actuator manufacturer and provide a reliable and steady drive for fluid process control it will continue to update equipment and increase investment in technical staff and capital.IKNOW Valve Wenzhou Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the core concept •talent based, service oriented and quality accomplished”. For many years the company has given full play to outstanding talents, scientific management and technological innovation to strengthen its core competitiveness. The company1 s products have been continuously optimized and innovated. Its remarkable product quality has won unanimous praise from users in field such as architecture,biomedical, fire control, water supply and drainage, petrochemical metallurgy, papermaking, electronic power, etc. 



Scotch yoke pneumatic actuators


IP67 Protection RateThe connection parts of the center body / cover and otherparts of the ING series pneumatic actuator are equipped withhigh-quality sealing ring which enables the protection rilereach IP67 and it can work stably in the harsh environment. 


ISO Connection DimensionThe flange dimension of the connection between ING seriespneumatic actuator and valve is in accordance with ISO 5211international standard, which is convenient for customers toinstall, disassemble and replace.ING series pneumatic actuator can be divided into


independent modules such as drive module, cylinder module,spring cylinder module and manual device and can beinstalled and repaired according to personalizedrequirements of its customers.NAMUR Mooting


The accessories mounting of ING series pneumatic actuatorsare all in accordance with NAMUR which is convenient formounting accessories such as limit switch box and so on.Security Spring ModuleThe spring module is fixed in a unitary form after the spring has been compressed which improves the operationalconvenience and safety in the installation and maintenance ofthe spring module.Protection CoatThe surface of the product is smoothed by shot blasting andpolishing before spraying. The ING series actuators arecoated with epoxy zinc-rich primer and polyurethane topcoat.The thickness, firmness and anti-corrosion performance of thecoat can agree to different harsh environments. 



RT series


 End CapsDle-casting aluminum powder polyester painted In different colors ,PTFEare Neal pitas.Postpone


The twin rack pistons are made from Die-casting aluminum Ideated withHard anodized or made from Cast steel with galvanization. Symmetricmountlng position, long cycle Hoff and fast operation, reversing rotation bysimply inverting this pistons.The two independent external travel stop adjustment bolts can adjust ±5°at both open and dose directions easily and precisely.High Performance SpringsPreloads coating springs are made from this high quality material farresistant to corrosion and longer service life, which can be demountedsafely and conveniently to satisfy different requirements of torque bychanging quantity of spring,.


Bearings & GuidesMade from low friction, long-life compound material, to avoid the directcontact between metals. The maintenance and replacement are easyand convenient.O-rings


NBR rubber O-rings provide trouble-free operation at standardtemperature ranges. For high and low temperature applications Vinton orSilicone. 



Double Acting


TM3 Overhead Side Mounted Manual

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