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Jiangsu Huaqing Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.

Welcome to the world of Huaqing airtight products, such In a lot of stars of Huaqing airtight products, Huaqing people is greet honor that you can find anything valuable and Interesting.


Huaqing has strong series products, it replies all kinds of conformation market In the time of day. It can be chosen freedom for you of abundant products. Company mange of resourceful and agile can supply you on time when you need, strict Quality Management System and process of modernistic prevent about quality problem for you. It cuts down repertory for you that supply golden of exchange and function because DIN24960 standard carry out of Huaqing mechanical seal upward 80%, not only has advantage etc upward, also can cut down a lots of costing in one year for you which supply price of competitive. We always hope Huaqing products can give actuary unadulterated, in condition of above.


We service for customers hard in the time of day, we track down some new idea that can service for customers more. We can send technician to your office, development of new products, in the following with you at any moment that you need. Be gratified for Huaqing people are supplying more technique support and guaranteeing for products and equipments.


This stylebook effect many years a lot of new products series (by test many years) of Huaqing, also edited a lot of seals excellent series of China and foreign countries, it can supply note of customers and refer to choose, we that It can give society benefit


It has lots of mistakes and foible because it Is mate In a hurry time,  subject is and not enough, please lots of expert, trading people and customers point out mistakes so that they can be corrected. We avail this opportunity to express our gratitude to large thankful large customers, exports, professors and trading people fix for their concern of Huaqing. Also, we would lice lo take the occasion Io thank leads and friends for supporting for Huaqing company of supporting from society


Huaqing seals Is a found head from seals now, always In a crowd and deep and serene of road. Huaqing is such a group, who has plenty experiences and strong sense of responsibility. New products coming makes we work hard to go upward by big step! To supply advanced quality for the pump, kettle and other machines, is the aim and force our staffs.



HU1 mechanical seals


The mechanical seal of type HUI to accord with IS03069


DM24960 &GB/T6556, according to the working requirements,


It could choose “O” ring or PTEF “V” ring mate of the same


specification compensation ability. It Is not related with shift


rotation when installing


sub-material of friction and auxiliary materials should be


selected according to operation condition



HB1 mechanical seals


The mechanical met of type HB1 is accorded to ISO3D89 DIN24960&GB/T6556, according to the working requirements, It could choose “0” ring or PTEF “V” ring of the same specification as Single spring, balanced, shifting fork drive, strong compensation. It is not with shift rotation when installing


Sub- materials of friction and auxiliary materials should be selected according to operation condition.



HB2 mechanical seals


The mechanical seal of type HB2 is accord with the standards of ISO3069、DIN 24960,GB/T 6556,and has the feature of good interchange to replace the imported mechanical sealing parts, such as 59B H7N etc .The auxiliary sealing , in according to clients requirement ,rubber o ring, or PTFEV ring wedge can be selected according to different  conditions .

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