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Grundfos Smart App in Malaysia

Global pumps manufacturer Grundfos is constantly working to create better, more powerful pumps to suit the ever changing needs of the marketplace, and now the company is launching its first cloud-based mobile service app, aimed at bringing its customers a more efficient service experience at the convenience of their smart phones.



According to Grundfos Asia Pacific Regional Service Director Nicolai Thrane, Malaysia was chosen as the first country in the region for the launch of the app due to its growing market share and robust digitalisation platform. The name of the app is SmArt Serv, and it is designed to provide prompt and efficient service to resolve any issues with Grundfos pumps, reducing the service process and minimizing the downtime on any repair. Grundfos pumps are used for various applications in Malaysia, from water distribution for consumers to water temperature regulation in air-conditioning in commercial buildings to wastewater management and flood control for Malaysian utilities. They are also widely used in industries such as marine, agriculture, manufacturing, machinery and food & beverage. Through the SmArt Serv app, customers can contact Grundfos or locate the nearest Authorised Service Partner and raise a request easily through filling an online form and including a picture of the pump or system. The selected service center will then deploy one of their service engineers to the site to assess and resolve the issue. For digital pumps, the service provider can even look at fixing the problem online through remote assistance. The app will enable the smooth operation of Malaysia’s key infrastructure, ranging from industries to water utilities that use Grundfos products.

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